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About the Program The KNU 4-week Global Summer School brings together students and academics from all over the world for a unique intercultural learning experience and special taste of Korean culture. All courses are taught in English, and you will take courses with Korean students as well as other participants from all over the world.


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
7.15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Check-in Orientation
Campus Tour
Basic Korean
Cultural Activity
(Daegu City Tour
group A)
(Hanbok & Tea
Ceremony Group B)
Cultural Activity
(Daegu City Tour
group B)
(Hanbok & Tea
Ceremony Group A)
Field trip
Daegu Safety Theme
Park (Group A)
Night City Tour
(Group B)
Cultural Activity
(Taekwondo Group A)
(K-pop dance Group B)
(Samulnoli Group C)
Mungyung SaeJae
(water sledding)
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Cultural Activity
(Taekwondo Group B)
(K-pop dance Group C)
(Samulnoli Group A)
Field trip
Electronics Group A)
(Deagu Metropolitan
Police Agency
Group B)
Field trip
Electronics Group B)
(Deagu Metropolitan
Police Agency
Group A)
Field trip
Daegu Safety Theme
Park (Group B)
Night City Tour
(Group A)
Cultural Activity
(Taekwondo Group C)
(K-pop dance Group A)
(Samulnoli Group B)
Excursion: Busan
29 30 31 8.1 2 3 4
Lecture Free time Lecture Free time Lecture Free time Lecture Free time Farewell Ceremony Check out

Courses for 2018 KNU Global Summer School

Courses are held Mon. to Fri. morning (9am -12pm) and all courses are 3 credits each.

Course Title Lecturer Home University
Understanding the World Today Bohdan Szklarski University of Warsaw
Politics of China Zhiqun Zhu Bucknell University
DNA: the ultimate code for life Balazs Veres University of Pécs
Strategic Management (Capstone Design) Ling Hu University of Science and Technology Beijing
Electronic Commerce Malgorzata Pankowska University of Economics in Katowice
Automatic Control Balint Kiss Budapest University of Technology & Economics
C Programming & Practice Paul Doyle Dublin Institute of Technology
Operating Systems Murad Khan Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology
Data Structure Tonny Oyana Makerere University
Korean Language 1 TBA Kyungpook National University

※Please type name of class when you make the application form through KNU website.

Introductory Programs

You can enjoy a variety of activities with KNU students.

  • Taekwondo
  • Hanbok(Korean traditional clothes) & tea ceremony
  • K-pop Dance
  • Samulnori(Korean traditional percussion quartet)

Exploring Daegu

Modern Cultural Alley

The Daegu Alleyway Tour shows modern cultural heritage with the guidance of a cultural specialist

Palgong Mt. & Daegu Safety Theme Park

Palgong Mt.

The mountain is the site of a number of cultural and natural heritage sites. These include Buddhist shrines from the Silla Period or later, as well as the large and active temple of Donghwasa.

Daegu Safety Theme Park

You will also have a chance to learn about emergency response and public safety measures in Daegu, and take part in simulations designed to inform and educate visitors on how to deal with emergency situations.

Night city tour(Apsan – wall-paining street – Suseong Park)

In the night tour, you can visit the beautiful Apsan observatory, Kim Gwangseok Street and Kim Gwangseok-gil Street near Bangcheon Market, where a mural commemorates famous Korean folk-rock singer, Kim Gwangseok. The 350m long wall has statues and pictures depicting his life and music. Along the edge of the lake, visitors can eat and drink delicious food and watch the beautiful fountain event.

On-the spot study

  • Samsung mobile factory
  • Daegu Metropolitan Police Agency



Mungyeongsaejae is the highest and toughest hill to hike on the Yeongnamdaero, which connects the Han River and Nakdong River area over Joryeong Mountain on the Bekdudaegan range. Seajae means the hill is so high, even birds find it difficult to overcome. Mungyeongsaejae has splendid scenic views and is famous for its historical heritage and folk tales and songs. It has long been regarded an important region for social, cultural, and economic distribution as well as a strategic military location. You can also enjoy water-sledding in Mungyeong to escape from the hot summer temperatures.


Yonggung Temple

A very popular place among tourists, at Yonggung Temple, ocean waves crash onto the rocks just below the spot where you can see spectacular sunrises.

Haeundae Beach

One of the “must visit” destinations for visitors to Busan, Haeundae Beach offers a relaxing break and a chance to re-energize. Let the warm waves refresh your tired soul and wash away all your troubles. While there, you can also visit Nurimaru APEC House, which was built to host the APEC Summit held in 2005. The name “Nurimaru” is the combination of two Korean words: “nuri” meaning the world and “maru” meaning summit. The site was considered by many who attended the summit to be the most beautiful of all the meeting places.



KNU global summer school welcomes applications from students who are currently enrolled at partner universities around the world.

How to apply

  1. May.7 – May. 11Partner universities nominate students via e-mail to
  2. May.14- May.25Applicants complete an on-line application at the KNU website ( and send a copy of remittance of program fee via e-mail
  3. After confirm remittanceKNU will issue a Letter of Acceptance, which will be e-mailed to each applicant

We’ll inform ID & PW for on-line application after getting nomination If some applicants need original letter of acceptance for issuing visa, please let us know visa e-mail.


  • Ms. Soonhyang Lee (
  • Office of International Affairs, Kyungpook National University
  • 80, Daehak-ro, Bukgu, Daegu, South Korea
  • Tel: +82-53-950-2424


Tuition USD300 Waived for students from partner universities
Housing Fee USD250 Including breakfast
Cultural Activities Fee USD650
  • For students from partner universities, total fee is USD900
  • Wire program’s fee to Shinhan Bank Kyungpook National University Branch Account number: 100-020-603847, Swift code: SHBKKRSE
  • Please be sure to write exactly the name of applicants or partner university when you transfer.


By Jun.1 100% refund
From Jun.2 to Jun.15 50% refund
After Jun.16 Non-refundable

*Please Note: Bank-transfer charges will be deducted from refunds given to students who cancel their program applications.

KNU Buddy

KNU arranges student buddies for program participants, to help them settle in when they arrive, and to facilitate various experiences in South Korea.


Double occupancy Participants should prepare their own toiletries, towel and slippers.